The Best VPN for the Netherlands

The Netherlands has been head above the rest of Europe in recent years. A quintessence of this is its fastest internet in Europe and fourth globally. Over 93 percent of the population can be regarded as internet users.

There are many VPNs that have servers in the country, and here we have listed the five best VPNs to use in the Netherlands.

The Best VPNs for the Netherlands

  • NordVPN (Best VPN in the Netherlands for Security)
  • ExpressVPN (Best VPN in the Netherlands for Speed)
  • Surfshark (Best VPN in the Netherlands for Android)
  • CyberGhost (Best VPN in the Netherlands for Mac)
  • Hide Me (Best VPN in the Netherlands for Speed)

Detailed Overview The Netherlands Jurisdiction

Before we get into the actual list, there are a couple of things that you should know. An overview of the Netherlands jurisdiction is essential to understand how to select the best VPN in the country.

Jurisdictional Characteristic
Political Culture Consociational state; Constitutional monarchy and representative democracy.
Main IT Hub Amsterdam
Data protection registration Not required
Data protection officers appointment            Required
Data transfer to 3rd party disclosure Consent required
Unlawful disclosure of sensitive information Fines up to 4% of annual worldwide turnover, or EUR 20 million (whichever is higher).
Breach notice obligations Not later than 72 hours after having become aware of it
VPN allowance Allowed
Downloading copyrighted content Not allowed

Detailed Overview of the Best VPNs for the Netherlands

Not only is it popular in the Netherlands, but also all over the world. This is because its services are world-class, and more people are beginning to appreciate this.

NordVPN parent company is known as Tefincom S.A, and the company itself is registered in Panama. This means that NordVPN is not subjected to the myriad laws and regulations that characterize a 14-eyes country. Panama does not have any signal sharing treaty, meaning that no corporation or entity in its jurisdiction can be made to produce any documents.

Great security

NordVPN has taken every possible step to make sure that the security of its clientele is well taken care of. We went through the terms and conditions that come with the VPN and found that Tefincom has not received any warrants or gag orders from any entity, be it an organization or Nation Security.

NordVPN has a strict no-logging policy.

This claim was backed up when an independent logging audit was conducted, in November 2018, by PricewaterhouseCoopers.  This means that even if an organization or state were to request data from NordVPN, the company would have nothing to share, as it does not store any information with regards to the online activities of its clientele.

CyberSec feature – There is a myth floating around that all HTTPS encrypted sites are safe. This is far from the truth. In fact, we found that sites that have SSL certificates can affect your internet-enabled device with all types of ransomware, malware, and even viruses. NordVPN takes care of this by using the CyberSec filter, which blocks its users from unknowingly accessing any of these said sites. It also protects you from ads and any unsafe connection.


NordVPN has over 5200 servers in 60 countries all over the world. This means that you are spoilt for choice. You will be able to access content that you are not able to in the Netherlands or access content that is only available in the Netherlands if you reside elsewhere.


Kill Switch – If you lose internet connectivity to the VPN, NordVPN has put measures to ensure that your data and IP address are not leaked. This is done by using two types of kill switches: apps and the internet. Should the connection to the VPN drop, you can rest assured that there will be no IP leaks, DNS leaks, or data leaks

It does not have a free version. To access the services that NordVPN offers, you will have to pay for them through a subscription-based service since it does not have a free version. That being said, we found that the quality that the Panama-based VPN offers warrant the said payment, and we consider it one of the best VPNs in the world.

NordVPN is relatively inexpensive

Considering the average amount of money it takes to get a good, quality VPN, the cost of NordVPN is a bit high. It will cost you 4 dollars a month and 98 dollars annually to get the said services. You will end up paying a lot less if you subscribe to the VPN for a longer period.

ExpressVPN is a VPN based in the British Virgin Islands. It set up its headquarters there because the British Virgin Island values privacy and securely secure information. Even though it is a British territory, it is an autonomous country with its own laws, rules, and regulation.

The most important thing is that it is not part of any international signals sharing alliance. Ergo, you will not have to worry about any intrusive entities getting a hold of your browsing history or online movements.


ExpressVPN also has a no-logging policy, meaning that it does not collect any personally identifiable data from its clientele outside of payment details.

Location spoofing – Even though some VPNs will be able to show a different IP address from yours, they may not be able to change your physical location, and thus it may be very easy to track you through GPS on your device or even the Wi-Fi you are using.

ExpressVPN, on the other hand, can spoof your location, meaning that once you switch it on, you are virtually incognito, and no one will be able to know your whereabouts. This can be done using the browser extension.

Fast server speeds

The main reason why many people prefer ExpressVPN to other VPNs is its speed. Compared to other top-quality VPNs, we found that it is the fastest VPN to use in the Netherlands. Additionally, it has its built-in speed test so that you can ascertain the download, upload, and ping speeds at any time.

ExpressVPN can split your online traffic so that one channel can go through the VPN while another does not. This is especially important in gaming and streaming, where you want faster speeds and doesn’t really need a VPN.


Customer support – ExpressVPN has made sure that its clientele is well taken care of through the live chat option. We found that any inquiries that we put forward were solved in a quick, effective, and concise manner and that the people at ExpressVPN will make sure that your issues are handled promptly. The live chat is round the clock, so you don’t have to worry if you have some issues on a Sunday night.

Split tunneling – Sometimes, you may want to do some online activities on one app or platform without requiring a VPN on that platform but still need the VPN on another platform running simultaneously. This is where split tunneling comes in.

It does not block ads – It has almost become standard that when you get a VPN, you are also getting an ad-block. Therefore, it surprised us to find out that ExpressVPN does not block ads. You can get an ad blocker, but it will cost you more money than if you found a VPN that can do both.

Premium price – ExpressVPN comes with three payment options; you can pay 12.95 dollars a month, 55.95 dollars every six months, or 99.95 dollars every year. This is pretty expensive, considering the pricing of other VPNs and that you are not getting an ad-blocker.

Though SurfsharkVPN is nascent to the market, it has already proven to be a force to be reckoned with. We and many other people found it so appealing because of its attractive pricing and the range of options it offers.

Surfshark is based in the British Virgin Islands. As mentioned earlier, the BVI is not part of any information-sharing alliance, like the 14 Eyes alliance. They have put in place a plethora of laws to ensure that the privacy and security of data reign supreme. The said islands also do not require any form of data logging, so you don’t have to worry about SurfsharkVPN, or any other entity, collecting your personal information.

Strong encryption

We found that Surfshark has a lot of useful features that make your browsing life easy. Some of them include:

CleanWeb – This is a tracker and ad blocker that is exclusive to Surfshark. You will have the power to turn it off and on whenever you deem it fit.

The Whitelister – This feature allows you to select websites and apps that bypass the VPN tunnel and thus connect directly with your internet service provider. Reverse whitelister, as you would expect, is used to select apps and websites whose traffic has to do through the VPN.

Camouflage mode – Many a time, when you are using a VPN, your internet service provider will be able to tell. However, if your VPN has a camouflage mode, as is the case with Surfshark, then you can rest assured that your service provider will not be able to tell a thing.

Hacklock and Blindsearch – Both of these are features that protect your traffic when you are using a browser. Hacklock ensures that your personal information and emails are not leaked online. Blind search is a search engine that does not have any ads nor any trackers.

Server speed

Surfshark is one of the fastest VPN we found. On average, the download speed of your device will only decrease by about 2.3 percent when the VPN is turned on. The further the server you select is from you, the faster the VPN becomes.

Even though it is good with other operating systems, we found that Surfshark is especially effective when used with Android devices, and it is the best VPN to use with android devices in the Netherlands.


Ratings – The best way to know if a VPN is quality or not is through references and testimonials from individuals that have used it. Surfshark has a high rating on the Google play store, with over 8000 android users giving the VPN an average rating of about 4.3 out of 5 stars, with a huge majority of them giving the app a perfect score.

SurfsharkVPN has great pricing

For just 1.99 dollars a month if you get the 24-month plan, 5.99 dollars if you get the annual plant, or 11.95 dollars if you get the monthly plan, you will be able to get all the services we mentioned. There are some features you will have to pay a little more, but even if you get all of them, the total price will not get over 10 dollars a month.

What’s more, the VPN has a 30-day money-back guarantee if you are not pleased with what you paid for.

That being said, there is no free version

Surfshark does not have a free version, and thus you will have to pay to get the services. That said, the fact that you will have unlimited simultaneous connections, meaning that you will be able to connect as many devices as you want with one SurfsharkVPN account, deal with this downside.

Cyberghost is another VPN that is fairly nascent to the game, but one that is proving itself with each passing day to be one of the best.  It was founded in 2011 and is based in Romania, not belonging to the 14-eyes jurisdiction. It was recently acquired by an Israeli company called Kape Technologies, which also owns ZenMate VPN and Private Internet Access.

CyberGhost, though, still maintains its original policies, which is why it has amassed over 36 million subscribers globally. It can handle such enormous traffic by using its 6000 servers strategically placed in over 90 counties, The Netherlands included.

No logging policy

Logging, though common with other VPNs, is not something that you would want with your VPN – it essentially entails storing your data, which can result in tracking. We went through CyberGhost’s privacy policy, and it clearly states that the servers will not keep logs of any kind that will interfere with your data content or your IP address. The only data they will keep is your payment subscription, and thus no third party will have any form of access to you or yours.

With CyberGhost, you will be able to use up to 7 devices simultaneously. The VPN is compatible with most major operating systems, such as Linux, Android, Windows, Mac, or iOS. CyberGhost also supports a myriad of protocols, such as IPSec, OpenVPN, L2TP, and PPTP.


Pre-Protection features – When you subscribe to and CyberGhost, you will also get website and virus protection, as well as an ad-blocker. You will also get data compression, which will save you a lot regarding mobile data usage. CyberGhost is also able to remove website content that contains trackers.

Auto-selection – We found that every time we logged into the VPN, we were tunneled through to a different server than we have the last time. Of course, you can change the server you want to use, but it is a bit annoying and can prove irksome after a long time.

Lacks a double-hopping feature.

The double-hop feature on a VPN makes it possible to use two servers at once instead of one. This will be able to give you more security and privacy. CyberGhost does not have this.

Premium pricing – we found that the pricing for CyberGhost subscriptions is a bit higher than other VPNs with similar features. You will pay 12.99 dollars for the monthly subscription, and you will have a 14-day money-back guarantee. The 6-month plan comes at 7.99 dollars per month and translated to 95.88 dollars a year. The 18-month plan is by far the cheapest in terms of the monthly payment. It is billed at 45.5 dollars for the first 18-months and then annually from thereon.

45-day money-back guarantee – Even though most VPNs have a money-back guarantee, many of them do not run for as long as CyberGhostVPN’s. With this particular VPN, you will have 45 days to test out the VPN if you chose the 18-month plan, and if it is not to your liking, they will refund you all your money.

With more than 15 million users, it is easy to see why many internet users have identified as one of the best VPNs in the business. is based in Malaysia and was founded in 2012 by eVentures Limited. Malaysia is excluded from the 14 eyes alliance. In 2013, it passed a law that stated that companies in Malaysia are not required to pass any personal information outside of Malaysia unless specified by the ministry.

No logging or data storage

We went through the privacy and security policy and found that does not keep any logs, so we cannot provide any personal information even if it is commanded to. This policy is fortified that Malaysian Law contains a plethora of personal data protection rules and requirements. The only data that the VPN keeps is your sign-in email, live chat or ticketing, billing details. 

Leon Juranic, the founder of Defence Code Ltd, a cybersecurity company in Ireland, who NASA endorsed for testing and reporting in their code, did an independent audit of He determined that the VPN has a high-security level and no high or medium-risk vulnerabilities.

Hide me has a strong encryption standard. uses some of the best encryption methods to ensure that you and your data remain safe and secure. We found that they use an extensive and intensive range of protocols, including OpenVPN, L2TP/IPsec, SoftEther, PPTP, SSTP, and IKEv2.

The VPN automatically switches between these protocols to find the most effective way to unblock streams and sites while staying anonymous.


Even though has servers in the Netherlands, it itinerary when it comes to the total number of servers it has, and the number of countries they are in does not quite match with other VPNs. It has just over 1400 servers in over 34 different counties. This means that when in the Netherlands, you will not have too many options to spoof.

Average server speeds – Many factors affect the speed of a VPN; your location, the location of the said servers, server processors, the age of the hardware, and even the number of people using the servers at a said time.

When we conducted speed tests on, we found that, even though its speeds were not bad, they weren’t at par with that of other VPNs with whom considers competitors.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t establish a connection to China

Some of the best VPNs such as ExpressVPN support servers in China., however, does not. This isn’t such a big deal unless you actively want to route your traffic to China or access VPN when visiting the country.

Decent pricing

Another reason why we like is because it has some of the best subscription options when it comes to VPNs in the Netherlands. You can get the limited free edition which comes with 2GB of data transfer. With it, you will be able to use the VPN on one device at a time and select up to 5 worldwide locations.

The other package is a subscription-based one and is much cheaper than other VPNs in The Netherlands. You will pay 4.99 dollars a month, get unlimited data transfer, up to five simultaneous connections on your device, and choose from up to 55 worldwide locations. This premium feature also comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Why do you need a VPN in the Netherlands?

The Netherlands is part of the European Union, and every constituent member of the EU is under the General Data Protection Regulation act. This act makes it possible for EU members, upon request, to share their citizens’ personal data.

There is widespread surveillance not only in the EU but also in most countries all around the world. This is the main reason why you should have a VPN in the Netherlands; it ensures that you can use the internet without fear of being monitored, or your personal information is recorded.

In the Netherlands, it is illegal for a company to give out its personal information. This may seem sufficient in ensuring that your data remains safe, but it is not. In fact, there have been many cases worldwide of Internet service providers leaking their clientele’s personal information.

With a VPN, you can rest assured that not only will your personal online information not be leaked, but there also will be no data to be leaked since all the VPNs we listed have strict no-logging policies.

The Netherlands ranks 13th on the National Cyber Security Index and 16th on the Global Cyber Security Index, which is pretty good but may prove insufficient. When it comes to the security of your personal information, this can be considered yet not take for granted. 

VPNs will also make it possible to access sites and apps that are either banned or restricted in the Netherlands or allow you to access sites and apps that are only available in the Netherlands.

Restricted sites

Some of the popular websites that are not allowed in the Netherlands include a popular streaming site The Pirate Bay.

The most popular sport in the Netherlands is Football, and thus many channels hold exclusive rights to airing the sport. To access the said content from another country, you may need a VPN

It is illegal to download copyrighted material or torrent it. Fines can be up to 150 euros per download. All of the torrent sites in the country are blocked.


Netflix geo-restricts its content, meaning that you will only be able to access the content in the Netherlands and thus won’t be able to see content in another country and vice versa. With a VPN. All you have to do is spoof network to your country of choice, and you will be able to watch all the content Netflix offers in the said country.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Is it Legal to Use a VPN in the Netherlands?

Yes, it is perfectly legal to have a VPN in the Netherlands.

How to Setup a VPN in the Netherlands?

All the VPNs we listed are straightforward when it comes to setting up. All you have to do is go to the VPN’s official website and download it directly. Payment is equally straightforward. Most major VPNs accept credit and debit cards and PayPal as a mode of payment. Some of them may even accept cryptocurrencies as payment.

 Which VPNs have servers in the Netherlands?

  • PureVPN
  • Private Internet Access VPN
  • CyberGhost
  • NordVPN
  • ExpressVPN
  • SurfShark

Which VPN has a Netherlands server for free?

As mentioned earlier, is one of the best free VPN in the Netherlands. Its free package gives you 2GB of data usage.

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